A womans hand is holding a clear glass spray bottle full of homemade magnesium deodorant. There are amber glass bottles of carrier oils, a zero waste silver razor and a bar of patchouli soap in the background of the photograph.

How To Make Magnesium Deodorant

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Ever wondered if you could make a really effective deodorant spray at home that really works? Well, today I’m sharing how to make magnesium deodorant that works and is super nourishing for the skin and body.

Curious? Let’s get started and chat about the health benefits of using this magnesium deodorant.

A Womans hand is hold a clear glass spray bottle filled with homemade magnesium deodorant she made. Behind her hand is other bathroom items including a silver zero waste razor, two amber bottles full of oils, a bar of soap, a hair pin and a dry brush.

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Ingredients For Magnesium Deodorant

  • Magnesium Oil
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Essential oil (to add natural fragrance-optional)

Magnesium Oil and Vegetable Glycerin Benefits and Uses

  • Magnesium oil – Is made up of a mixture of magnesium chloride flakes and water. When mixed together it has an oily feel but doesn’t actually contain oil. Magnesium chloride is very easy for the body to absorb through the skin and is a better alternative than capsule supplements.

Magnesium plays a very important role in body system functions. These include:

  • Regulating nerve and muscle function
  • Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels
  • Helping regulate healthy blood pressure levels
  • Manufacturing and supporting protein, bone, and DNA health

Some studies have shown that more than 75% of people have lower-than-normal magnesium levels.

I love using magnesium in this form. It has amazing benefits!

It works fast at eliminating odors and can work great for people with sensitive skin when other ingredients in store-bought deodorants can cause severe irritation.

A Womans hand is holding a clear plastic bottle with a bright multicolored blue wrapper filled with magnesium oil. The oil will be used with other ingredients to make DIY magnesium deodorant. In the background of the picture, magnesium flakes are scattered about onto of a gray tablecloth.
  • Vegetable glycerin – Glycerin is a sugar alcohol made from animal products, plants, or petroleum. Vegetable glycerin is made from plant oils such as soy, palm, or coconut oils.

Some benefits of vegetable glycerin include:

  • Moisturizing the skin
  • Promotes skin health
  • Can boost hydration

Because vegetable glycerin is beneficial to the skin, it was used in this magnesium deodorant recipe.

Holding onto a clear plastic bottle filled with clear vegetable glycerin, a woman is preparing to use for her homemade magnesium deodorant recipe. A wooden Tablespoon filled with magnesium flakes is sitting on the side while other magnesium flakes are seen scattered throughout the photograph.


If you are having a difficult time sourcing vegetable glycerin, consider using rosehip oil or jojoba oil as a substitute. Both are equally nourishing for the skin and work perfectly as carrier oils for this recipe.

Organic Rosehip Oil

Organic Jojoba Oil


Supplies for Homemade Magnesium Deodorant Spray

  • Glass spray bottle (amber or clear)
  • Funnel that fits into your spray bottle (if yours doesn’t come with one)

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Supplies used for making homemade magnesium deodorant. A silver platter has a medium bowl used for mixing ingredients. A silver metal whisk, wooden measuring cup and measuring spoon and a clear glass spray bottle all resting onto of a gray folded linen cloth resting on a table.

How To Make Natural Magnesium Deodorant

A graphic demonstrating how to make magnesium deodorant spray step by step with pictures. There are six images in the graphic, each image is showing the steps to making a DIY deodorant spray.
  • Step One- Combine magnesium oil, vegetable glycerin, and essential oils (optional) in a measuring cup with a pour spout.
  • Step Two- Mix thoroughly.
  • Step Three- Carefully pour the mixture into a glass spray bottle.
  • Step Four- Re-attach the spray cap.
  • Step Five- Give it a little shake before each use. Use daily as needed.

Find the measurements and full printable recipe below!

A picture of homemade magnesium deodorant spray in a clear glass bottle with white spray cap. Two larger amber glass dropper bottles full of other oils is in the background along with a silver zero waste razor.

How To Add Natural Fragrance To Magnesium Deodorant

To add a natural fragrance to any DIY beauty product, essential oils will always be my go-to. There are so many amazing scent combinations to try as well as benefits of each oil.

Be sure and write down how many drops of each oil you are using in a recipe so it will be easy to re-create later. Here are a few combinations you might want to try.

Life in the Woods– Vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, and cedar.

Thyme for Lemongrass– lemongrass and thyme.

Lavender sage – Equal parts of French lavender and sage.

Two small amber glass bottles of essential oils sitting side by side on a table being used for a DIY magnesium deodorant recipe.

How To Use Magnesium Oil Deodorant

Magnesium deodorant oil is super simple to use and really effective. You can keep it in the shower to use right after drying off or keep it in the bathroom cabinet to use before getting dressed.

  1. Spray 1-2 sprays directly on the underarm.
  2. Allow to air dry before getting dressed.

If you don’t really like the idea of applying a spray deodorant, you can also try these roller bottles or something similar.

A woman wearing a cream colored sports top is demonstrating how to use magnesium deodorant spray. The deodorant spray bottle she is holding is small and white with a clear spray top.


Here we’ll discuss a few of the most common questions about magnesium deodorants. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave them below.

What form of magnesium is best for deodorant recipes?

If making your own version of a magnesium deodorant, it’s best to use magnesium hydroxide or magnesium chloride. It’s a safe alternative to aluminum-based deodorants.

Is zinc or magnesium better for deodorant?

When it comes to zinc and magnesium, I have seen both ingredients in a lot of homemade deodorant recipes. However, If you are looking to combat odor, then magnesium will work best.

What does magnesium spray do to armpits?

One of the primary benefits of magnesium spray is reducing body odor. Most people that are deficient in magnesium, will usually have a stronger body odor when sweating.

By using a magnesium-rich deodorant in place of conventional deodorants, you are adding this beneficial mineral back into your body.

How much magnesium to add to the deodorant?

For this particular magnesium oil deodorant, we are using 4 ounces.

Some recipes call for 1 ounce of magnesium oil because you are making a lesser quantity of deodorant spray at one time. If you use deodorant every day, I recommend making a larger bottle at one time that will last longer.

Especially if you and your significant other want to share.

Can I make my own magnesium spray?

If you’d like to make your own magnesium spray, you can do that too! It’s really simple.

Magnesium Spray Recipe

  • Step One- Boil 1/2 cup of filtered water.
  • Step Two- Remove from heat when boiling and allow to cool for 5 minutes.
  • Step Three- Add 1/2 cup of magnesium flakes to the hot water and stir until dissolved.
  • Step Four- Allow the mixture to cool completely.
  • Step Five- Transfer magnesium liquid to a spray bottle.
  • Step Six- Use daily as needed.

How do I make magnesium oil?

If you are wanting to make magnesium oil too, I have an entire post on How To Make Magnesium Oil. There is a printable how-to card and step-by-step instructions too.

Is magnesium deodorant effective?

Magnesium deodorant is a super beneficial all-natural deodorant that works naturally to combat body odor.

I prefer to make most of my own homemade skin and beauty products to help eliminate exposure to toxic chemicals that can be found in most store-bought products. I have found this recipe to be super effective, while also giving my body a boost of the magnesium it needs.

Is magnesium good for your armpits?

Magnesium is super effective at eliminating body odor by improving detoxification in your organs. It also works by helping control the growth of bacteria as well as control sweat production. Magnesium acts like an internal deodorant. It seeps into the skin and works from the inside out.

Is magnesium safe for your armpits?

Some studies have shown that magnesium provides all-natural odor protection by minimizing excessive perspiration.

This is by far a much safer and more effective deodorant to use than most store-bought deodorants with antiperspirants that contain harmful cancer-causing chemicals.



  • Magnesium Oil or magnesium flakes (for making your own magnesium spray)
  • Vegetable glycerine
  • Essential oil (optional but adds natural fragrance)- Lemongrass, Thyme, French Lavender, Patchouli, Vanilla, Copal, Frankincense, Cedar, and Valor (this is a dupe to Young Livings version but smells identical for half the price).

Ingredient Substitutions:


A Womans hand is hold a clear glass spray bottle filled with homemade magnesium deodorant she made. Behind her hand is other bathroom items including a silver zero waste razor, two amber bottles full of oils, a bar of soap, a hair pin and a dry brush.

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A Pinterest graphic for Homemade Magnesium Deodorant Spray.
A Womans hand is hold a clear glass spray bottle filled with homemade magnesium deodorant she made. Behind her hand is other bathroom items including a silver zero waste razor, two amber bottles full of oils, a bar of soap, a hair pin and a dry brush.

How To Make Magnesium Deodorant

Yield: 3 ounces
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Active Time: 3 minutes
Additional Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 1 minute
Difficulty: Easy

A simple yet effective all-natural magnesium deodorant spray. Works better than store-bought deodorants naturally!


  • 6 Tablespoons Magnesium Oil
  • 3/4 teaspoon Vegetable Glycerin
  • Essential Oils (optional) 10-15 drops


  • 4-ounce spray bottle (with small funnel)
  • Small Bowl or jar
  • Mixing spoon or whisk
  • Label (embossing label maker or chalk label and pen)


  1. Combine 6 Tablespoons of magnesium oil, 3/4 teaspoon vegetable glycerin, and 10 to 15 drops of essential oils (optional) in a measuring cup with a pour spout.
  2. Mix thoroughly.
  3. Carefully pour the mixture into a 4-ounce glass spray bottle.
  4. Re-attach the spray cap.
  5. Give it a little shake before each use. Use daily as needed.


Test on the arm or leg before using daily to check for skin irritation or sensitivities.

Shake deodorant prior to each application.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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