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The Ultimate Guide To Quilt Sizes

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Today I’m sharing the ultimate guide to quilt sizes.

This guide will be especially useful when making quilts so make sure to keep it close by in your quilting/sewing space.

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What is the ultimate guide to quilt sizes?

It’s just that! A comprehensive look at the different quilt sizes which include lap quilts, throw quilts, wheelchair quilts, and all standard bed-sized quilts.

We will take a closer look at all of these here.

Let’s begin with bed quilt sizes.

Standard quilt sizes in inches

The sizes of these quilts are approximate and can vary between the person who’s sewing them or the brand they are (if purchasing from a store).

Consider this more of a general guide for sizing.

a faded quilt in the background of a quilt sizes guide in inches. Each quilt size is listed with dimensions.

What are the different quilt sizes in centimeters?

Here’s a chart with the list of standard quilt sizes in centimeters.

Crib Quit Size

A crib quilt or “baby” quilt is roughly 36 inches wide by 60 inches long (91.4 centimeters by 152.4 centimeters.

A standard crib mattress measures 28 inches wide by 52″ long and can be 5-6″ deep.

Twin Quilt Size

Twin-sized quilts are 70 inches wide by 90 inches long (177.9 by 228.6 centimeters).

This is for a “standard” twin.

Extra-long Twin Mattress Size

Yes, there is.

Twin XL bed mattresses are actually the most popular size for college dorm rooms measuring 38 inches wide by 80 inches long.

How big is a full/double quilt?

A double or “full” sizes quilt is roughly 84 inches wide by 90 inches long.

Queen Size Quilt- Inches and Centimeters

Did you know that queen-size quilts are the most common quilt size sold? I didn’t either until I started putting together this post.

A queen size quilt are 90 inches wide by 96 inches long.

Full size and queen size are often used interchangeably but are in fact different sizes.

King Size Quilt- Inches and Centimeters

King size quilts are 108 inches wide by 95 inches long (274.3 centimeters wide by 241.3 centimeters long.

How much larger is a california king-size quilt versus a king?

California king quilts are the largest of all the quilt sizes measuring 102 inches wide by 100 inches long (259 centimeters wide by 254 centimeters long).

I personally wished they’d make cali-king quilts wider, but hey? I didn’t make quilt size guidelines.

But I will tell you this. When I make quilts for our California king bed I make them 108 inches by 108 inches. I feel like they just fit the bed better.

In my own opinion of course.

Throw Quilt Sizing

Throw quilts can also vary in size from small to extra large.

A throw quilt is meant to be snuggled under when sitting and relaxing so a smaller size is often better.

The smaller size of a throw quilt makes it more ideal than a bulky bed quilt.

Approximate sizes for throw quilts

  • Small 40 inches wide x 60 inches long
  • Medium 50 inches wide x 60 inches long
  • Large 50 inches wide x 65 inches long
  • Extra large 60 inches wide x 70 inches long

What is the minimum size of a throw quilt?

If you are thinking about making a throw/lap quilt for someone, consider the size of the person you are making it for. This will ensure that the quilt is long enough to cover them comfortably.

Throw quilts are usually a minimum of 40 inches wide by a maximum of 80 inches long.

Beginner Sewer and Making a Quilt

Absolutely! Not all quilt patterns involve curved seams or in-depth block construction. I think log cabin quilts are among some of the easiest to make for beginners. In my own opinion.

I recommend if you are a beginner quilter, to start off with a throw quilt or lap quilt.

These smaller sized quilts can seem less intimidating.

What is a lap quilt?

Lap quilt patterns are usually smaller than throw quilts. A lap quilt is just like its name states-a quilt meant to cover your lap or legs while sitting.

People tend to use lap quilts in small reading nooks or quiet seating areas around their home.

Size of a Lap Quilt

Just like throw quilts, lap quilts can also vary in size. A “typical” lap quilt is 36 inches by 48 inches.

But this can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

Remember, this is just a guide. When you are doing the sewing, you can make it whatever size you want.

What is the best lap quilt size for wheelchairs?

When it comes to choosing a size lap quilt for someone in a wheelchair, remember to keep safety in mind.

Quilts that are too large may get in the way of the wheels and pose a potential danger.

A lap size quilt 35 inches by 45 inches is a great size.

This size is also the most common size of quilts I’ve seen being donated in a hospital setting.

A helpful tip when making wheelchair quilts

Keep it small and manageable.

Remember, they usually have more belongings with them they are trying to juggle.

Smaller quilts can be tucked under or between the legs more easily.

How many yards of fabric do I need for a quilt?

How many yards of fabric and backing do I need to make a quilt? This is a question I’m asked frequently, and for good reason.

When you are making a quilt it’s important to have all the information at hand to help navigate the process-especially if you are new to quilting.

How many yards of fabric, batting and binding (bias tape) you will need depends on the size of the quilt you are making.

I don’t want to just type up the different sizes, instead, I am putting together a guide for this as well that you can print and keep close by.

Check back-it’s in the works sewing friends.

I hope you all found this ultimate guide to quilt sizes helpful.

Feel free to comment below if there is any other information you’d like me to add to this post.


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Be sure and print your Ultimate Quilt Sizes Guide and pin it for later!


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