a flock of eight chickens pecks the dirt ground out in from of their chicken coop.

How Many Eggs Will A Chicken Lay A Day

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If you are thinking of adding chickens to your homestead, you may be wondering just how many eggs will a chicken lay a day?

This is a very reasonable question with a very not so straight forward answer. Because the truth is, it varies.

a bucket of freshly collected chicken eggs sitting on an old plank deck. The bucket contains a variety of white and brown eggs.

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How often do chickens lay eggs?

Most hens will lay one egg per day.

However, there are quite a few factors that play into that laying schedule.

  • Weather
  • Daylight hours
  • Nutrition
  • Predators
  • Time of year
  • Molting
  • Lighting in your coop
  • Breed of chickens you have
  • If they are free-range or not (chickens will often lay eggs you don’t find if they are free-range)
  • Stress (can be lack of food, mites, predators)
  • Age of your hens

The biggest factor when it comes to your hens laying eggs is daylight hours.

When hens stop getting at least 12 hours of daylight a day, egg production will usually slow considerably or stop all together. This is normal.

an early morning sunrise on the farm. A beautiful lush green field in front of a few trees and the sun fishing behind it. The sky is bright orange, red and pink.

Can chickens lay eggs without a rooster?

Healthy female chicken (hens), can lay eggs without a rooster.

Eggs will be unfertilized which just means that the eggs will never develop into chicks.

Most chickens will mature enough in 6 months to begin producing eggs, but it can vary by breed.

What time during the day do hens lay eggs?

  • Hens will usually lay eggs within 5-6 hours after sunrise.

There isn’t really a set time of day they lay eggs. Again, environmental factors come into play here.

But a good time to check for eggs would be within the first 6 hours after the sun has come up.

Can a chicken lay 2 eggs per day?

Yes. Hens can sometimes lay 2 eggs per day but this is very uncommon.

How many eggs will 2 chickens lay per week?

If you have two chickens, you can expect to get roughly 10 to 14 eggs per week combined.

Can a chicken lay 10 eggs per day?

No. In order to get 10 eggs per day you’ll need 12-14 chickens. However, there are no guarantees. This is an estimate.

a flock of eight chickens pecks the dirt ground out in from of their chicken coop.

I know quite a few people who have 15-20 hens and manage to get 20-22 eggs per day. If this is you, great! Consider yourself lucky and know that it won’t last long.

The egg laying cycle will taper off and the hens will start producing less but it will even out after a year or so.

Here’s a bit of math you can use to estimate the number of eggs you can get from your hens (between 6 months and 2 years old).

Using the number of hens you have or plan to purchase, and multiply that number by 0.75 and that number is roughly the amount of eggs you can expect in a day.

For example:

  • 4 hens x 0.75 = 3 eggs
  • 6 hens x 0.75 = 4 – 5 eggs
  • 8 hens x 0.75 = 6 eggs
  • 10 hens x 0.75 = 7 – 8 eggs
  • 12 hens x 0.75 = 9 – 10 eggs

Again, this is only an estimate. Use your best judgment when determining how many chickens you should have.

Are fresh laid eggs safe to eat?

Fresh eggs are safe to eat at room temperature as long as they are not washed.

When an egg is laid is has a natural protective coating or “bloom” on the outside that protects and seals the egg from moisture loss and bacterial growth.

When that protective coating is washed off, they should no longer be considered safe to store at room temperature.

Once you have washed your eggs, place them in the refrigerator. I always have at least 3 dozen eggs on hand so I store my eggs in this when they get transferred.

You may also just choose to gently wipe them off with a clean, dry rag and store in an egg rack or an egg basket on the counter top.

Recipe for fresh eggs

If you happen to have a bunch of fresh eggs and are looking for a great recipe to try, I have a really amazing Cheesy Southwest Style Breakfast Bake that is so easy and delicious.

Or use your eggs in this amazing sugar cookie recipe.

Both recipes have FREE printable recipe cards too!

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I hope this answers some questions about chickens and their laying habits.

Hens are a great resource to have on any homestead. But like anything, they require time, effort, commitment and money to make it work for you.


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